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Apollo Red Treatment

Apollo Red Treatment

Apollo Red Treatment, a luxurious and innovative device that uses the strongest LED technology in an effort to deliver precision doses of energy for your skin. By promoting better blood circulation within the cells themselves it promotes healing which reveals youthful-looking complexion with no trace left behind - making you look 20 again quickly without surgery or painful procedures like Botox injections.

Apollo 3.0 Infrared Sauna

The warmth of infrared heat is a comfort and inviting. Unlike tanning beds, which use UV radiation in the sun's light spectrum to give you an instant boost of vitamin D when it penetrates your skin, our Apollo 3.0 Infrared Sauna emit an entirely different form - infra red that causes our bodies natural thermoregulation systems (sensors) without warning or injury turn on so we can stay comfortable all day long!

Apollo 3.0 Infrared Sauna

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