Apollo Red Treatment

Bring back your youth with this top-tier technology

Superior Anti-Aging Device

Looking to take your skin care routine up a notch? Introducing the Apollo RED, an FDA-cleared medical grade tool designed for anti aging and pain relief. This new device features updated components with perfected technology that are stronger than ever before – so you can have better results on all parts of your body!

Through its advanced technology, the RED device safely and easily produces collagen fibers to enhance your skin. Using two main types of light therapy with an innovative combination of heat treatments that target wrinkles on both face and body while promoting better healing for all three layers – epidermis (surface), dermis/subcutaneous tissues*, (*denotes where most disease & symptoms) Apollo RED can help reveal a youthful complexion without make-up or concealer!

In addition to a wide range of anti-aging advantages, the RED is comprised of innovation shown to assist and recover in pain relief.


Apollo Red's innovative design is:

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Red light treatment assists motivate and promote collagen production therefore recovery and avoiding additional advancement of stretch marks. Red light assists tightens up the skin, lightens and decreases scars and evens total skin tone, from head to toe.

Fixes skin damage caused by the sun

Decreases the melanin hormone level of the skin

Elevates the production of collagen fibers

Increases blood flow for faster healing of the skin

Lightens scars to even out skin tone

Naturally removes wrinkles and fine lines

Improves skin regeneration to the whole body

Bring back your youth with Apollo RED device.

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